Issue 31: Rahul Santhanam

Flux L


Puzzle a gaunt alley

Play snow’s poison blues

For a fade regard kestrel

Caveat emptor flux

Dawn of dolorous entity

Singed by torn beard doze

Humdrum sinuous topiary

With a fox a fjord lick

Lamp dubbed aspidistra

Leaf of form kissed fume






Flux K 


Ivory razor, blue map of bizarre dome

Thinking, the drawling master in his cave

Agog, dog’s comely nook, hedgerow quietus,

By the blamed abalone caught cardinal,

Where groweth the angelic saxifrage

And gorse nymph, ablaze in blight:

Harp, embrace corpse, in silver abstract

Apparel for verse formed by scarecrows,

Nude anonymous lawns notched dumbly

By quills and fronds from a complicit forest.






Flux B 


Apposite animate 

baste = rob whey

tremor as a hart

snowing gorse chap

aspic puffed by fear

fey eyes

allium marten tonka

terroir as sky in

a min a grackle frock

like light tan milk






Flux E 


“No swoon so fine” Anaximander

In syllabub swam a grub canker

Wont patch a corner moniker cairn

Topical malady drag a coot quince

Solemn like an empress stranger her

Of all curs muddy noon incipit

Wombat mystery foxtrot rose

Charm a duck gone mooning glibly

On par with hilly morning calm tip task

Matter mouth tot wound quip






Flux C


In the lawn an amulet faintly

Diogenes pith arc remnant

Omnibus of boy god venery

Furrowing from fronds to vale tear

Where the dusk habitus dimples

Happenstance of telluric year moan

Gone like a djinn’s gibber entrechat

Bibulous it sings winsome foghorn

Rare oak octopus of longing

Port wine Scheherezade of shame

Rahul Santhanam is a mathematician and experimental poet, with work accepted or forthcoming at The Rialto, Otoliths and Meniscus, among other venues. The sequence “Flux” looks outside literature for its models, in particular to the Lyrical Abstraction movement in painting, as exemplified in the work of artists such as Joan Mitchell, Nicolas de Stael, Gerhard Richter and Maki Na Kamura.

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