Issue 1: Redell Olsen

From Punk Faun: A Bar Rock Pastel

sky only

sky only not as recess—walking as on flats

of colour—deployed then across—whole

cylinders attract—float—arms becoming

branches—surprise lack—an admission of a

reached ledge—

shoulders sprout—whole lift—trees or sky in

retreat—shapes made river—pencil clouds

marked—play lines at bodies— float weight

—arms branch above clasp—breeze takes—reach of lead—

skin barks against sky—pains waking—static

no longer goes—ploy of figuring—tackle to

bring down—stats of limbs in flight—cannot

hold so gives—twig tress—entwining legs—

ledge in inked—

sky—the balletic hop where the weight is—

clasp to arms—call becoming out as branch-

—graze pixel beyond skirts—cursor at

cupid—click insert pale for back—lines equal

horizons—the ledge as a screen—

yellow is for distance—sky only backs out—a

flat wept in area—a ballet clasp over one—

an arm bench—the weight is hurt—the

weight is blue or is a dress—cannot hold

lives—edge tears ledgewise—

pink specs for human—gold for fur---sky

clogs under varnish—blue distains

back—dress of bunching—an admission

marks—eyes down—branch harms—figures

certain in drapery—lodge hold—

slide show (on behalf of the warden)

This is of a chord sprinkled thicket

This is of a diagram which proves it

This is of a footnote that explains what pancakes are

This is of a perpetual fear of those on the outside whose job it is

                                                            to grid the internals

This is of a pure flank

This is of a shape that is not always an innocent container

This is of a softening into flesh and blood from something else

This is of a tufted slumber

This is of an abstract thing or it might be a nipple

This is of an ear as it would be seen inflating from inside the body

This is of artificial breath

This is of certain caudal appendages

This is of imported seedless grapes

This is of not just human

This is of nothings purring

This is of nylon and how it suspends many small things that would

                                                                  otherwise be falling

This is of one laughing as an expression of foolishness

This is of one laughing who does not appear to be expressing


This is of one of those funny pink things Eva Hesse made before

                                                                     she went grey

This is of one rollerblading through an airport

This is of one that is like some string coiled up

This is of one weeping as an expression of ecstasy

This is of one weeping who does not appear to be expressing


This is of one which is quite like the sign nearby that says not to

This is of one which might have been used as a squeaker for a

                                                                      small dog

This is of signals from a kept live and natural wild wild

This is of some ears with pointed ends

This is of some safety pins which were used to keep it together

This is of some string coiled up

This is of some verbal wallpaper as was vetoed by the warden

This is of the fur in transit and still breathing

This is of the heart of the timid

This is of the increase through the perforation and damage

This is of the long yellow ropes that were used

This is of the other side of the scaffolding as Clovis saw it

This is of the place where it was found to be punctured

This is of the same consistency as the resin that clogged the

                interior and made it difficult to say anything

This is of the she-wolf suckling

This is of the taxi driver with paws or maybe they were just gloves

This is of the way the joke was found face down in a lay-by

This is of tresses knotted in horns

This is of use within properly prescribed limits

peach pits

offering leaves plastic tabling decoration

sold wealthy in gratuities dumbed spread

                                  without funds for

                                  an altar paintings

                                  hung on trees by

an industry of mannequins

dressing windows showy

with crystal limbs

suspended      in pursuit tearing clothes

aggregate of form dissolves right sided

in wax or dressed saved from attempts

on life

imitations spread cloned

tourists at feet

up on the bloodied

strewn ex votos lap

principle of a plane then lines drawn hover

hooded outlines at the bus stop ran watery

system of a naked body measured front

put   eyes  nose  mouth and ears at the

right measured places various figures

in lead white corrected

                             correct mistakes

contracted out pigment by pigment

how much gold how much lapis lazuli

a family of private commissions walls

around the garden sourced from films

or in repro of the presentation of the

virgin at the temple standing in line

to pay in a cheque at the bank or a

delicate stay at home carving fruit

stones a young woman not excellent

only in household matters the whole

passion on a peach-pit unrequited spat

framed by a handy Old Testament quote

reluctantly paid for

two sibyls

two angels and one

relief on August 4th 1526

retired devoted to copper engraving

without reproach

Redell Olsen's publications include Writing Instructions (Gefn Press, 2004) and Secure Portable Space

(Reality Street, 2004). She is the editor of She is the course director for the MA

in Poetic Practice at Royal Holloway, University of London.

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