Blackbox Manifold

Issue 10: Billy Cancel

taught a horse to kick a dent in the south wall

hence miser race for terminal bud     farting shot    

dwarf summer     might yet bury my face in a heap

of broken masks.

if it's permissible we'll assimilate into

white parade as a low domed crown    

oh bottler treads behind our compelled

method perfects a kind of weeping

beaked-lip-bent-spike     not poster child's assumption

of paid leave out west    once through deep smear

compliance it was all woosh

woosh punch the breeze.

upon tropical placement      envisaged alternate fairy games     but went

by the book     hence today's minimal death trip around congressional

district     diddly-dum song & dance &

back to brown red sugar sheets

i've always seen dense snow but missed

common trends when glimmering faith

based commericals drop their hooks into

my badlands it'll be a right waste of bait

thanks she said for encrypting this incessant droning

of dull nice small town guys their comprehensive

row of teeth     was upon the verge of yielding to

nothern jazz of getting bitten on the hour every

hour by harmless snakes

    then i'd be forever         

peeping through a bladeless night one-eyed-

bread-dusty-pink-box my personal best

abandoned missile base is better than

pleasing standard art rock show she clarified

much prefer snowbound citrus lake to gravity

powered dark ride     but oh these mixed messages from down in

     the wheels     vertical loop diving loop twin inversion 

     cobra roll heart line spin cork screw for brittle cypher

     / sweet cable surrogate decoy must be hypocritical

     to pretend this transaction foreign

next time we'll destabilise present code

with soft earned coin so make sure you

make the mood light tug-of-flu keep

soothing the wrestler

this is milk hill that was ragged annex

chronological now through apple-scab

mandate hunting then gathering about

dark blue black green miles of slip cover    

you guessed those distressed signals didn’t

come from syrup table but from steep

black cliff face tiny blue light climbing

but drinking with thoroughbreds helps me

forget     am blue capsule on black red

     capsule on grey     please excuse the pencil

i have to start everywhere rosewater sloshes

     about the iron lung what the hell was your

status level pre-|robbery?     am pink capsule

     on wood wooden capsule in the king’s head

no one remembers us     a shadow leads a figure

     around the old phosphate plant busy night for

rescue services     am blue capsule on black

     red capsule on grey

i have to start


was moonlighting the homewalk of others

back from big-wow-star-yard-pirate-stunt-show-

food-court-painted-dome     had my magic lantern

shameless phoenix appeal in full effect but unfortunately

hunter i subsisted merely on insects each chronic hymn

switched a station ahead     tropical heat delays

further inapproiate greenfield

site developements a rash

of sink holes is being blamed

upon abandoned wells capped in the 80s so may yet die happy in the engineered

beach stage of iron joke marathon arms clasped round a healing breakfast

where once was unglued tenderness

in floral wash shall be invoicer bouncing

a stone     meanwhile caliban industry

assistant can get his ironwood fix from

shake shakedown artist

yes yes discreet charms     of fire

district a fair proposition for scum

hawks     will all be boiling together each purple metal

glass friday     angel soup so destination throat    

jaggedges fused joints things bound lashed      agitated

camera     gritters through the night     futility clichés system

hesitation     no set-piece combustion or accessible guide to

power-ups     days after north now     yellow square green edge

x-rated autumn unmoved rootless men     demi-god absentees

viva cropped ornamentals     post-crash majority weren’t so

fond of double take      in paradox park i diffused mono-stream    

maggot maggot on the floor who

was that lost framed in apple

moss?     sequence of discolored

blocks fall one by one upon

featureless white surface

immediately absorbed most

welcome-other amidst such

distraction still heightened

anxiety laughing boy in your

white facilitated box you’re

gonna be just another one

cut in

the dark    

chrysler building through shitty window opportunity so work

a cigarette     if fully committed lend grinder a hand     overlap

the core for close knit profile power session.     tuesday an

offset slit     beneath interplay rootless filled in gaps    we embraced

despite venom swell     spread tokens blew a shrine abdicated    

however attuned to discerning force     somthing blocked our seminal

position from the depths of rose process     a far reaching discrepancie

all we needed to know.     kitsch ideology recontextualises this

remarkable shelter?     don't wear armored november color & take

a disconnected trail at hyperspeed     might make a neon exploration

across a body known for speech     in the grid element afterall an

active phenomona hopefully noticable shifting of distance.     potty trained

in harsh vegetation dead leg fringed tissue we'll lap it up      shall reduce

seedy fun house to spoon shaped writing box    & you'll find

rabbit food fighting irons upon adjacent hillshide thrash.

maybe was not explicit during elaborate landscape construct but cream

scrawl don't relate to sky but cabin we are not trash tourists     reductive

creeper so deploy the freeze     underlaying message is to walk first

before processed

mess gets totally    

Billy Cancel has recently appeared in Barzakh, Horseless Review & Counterexample Poetics. His latest body of work HEADLESS MULTI VS. PERPETUAL INTERFACE was published in April by Hidden House Press. Sound poems, visual shorts and other aberrations can be found at