Blackbox Manifold

Issue 10: Rick Crilly

A fossiliferous rot of activity,––––the path on which a mouldy asteroid (patate-shaped) falls to feed forward on the hair of the deceased; an eponymous little war amp. whose right.mind &leg (save ½the thigh-bone) never made it out of the trenches of the World War.

     Silent graave of plot (he) languishes, slammed into winter drought, urneath a butyric moon doomed to hang on the slack until its tinfoiled bones drop, myth-imaging the 'dedders=debtors' [or–]blind.allied-other trencher.Friendly corpse-fauna. Conducive flesh clotting the rats burrowed, on.set gangrene; coldreaming the shocked shells–––slippery wee frogs, crawled the stretcher bearers, the no-soon-or-late foot-souldier.Saints=putapawns be given to a decent burial, discovered in hypnopompic paralysis; a bloody bayonet [recite] pure




                     dug-largely microphotographique:

     the severed ½parent-limb of my arthritic crabapple tree,/––––broadsheet oldspaper–leaves corrupted with vinegar syndrome,/ stored on open reels and kept in the Friendly Municipall 'Prison Cell of Loanwords Set in a Crash Course'––[source: The Friendly Gnosis 1905-1929].

     Violent Friendly of the lowest lying Cloud, (in the county tidal of Friend.Uncommon,) mitred to the southeast corner by Sainthoods, viz. Boniface, Vivitall, Norbert, Malo, Adolphe, Melita, Laurent. ––––Amid heavy industrees; varicose rail roads ––– “…intended to remove the red-lipper fin/rib-roast, spread-throughout the city back into one area,” –––existed “Betty Sells” and other 'More Infeariours' with NOWHERE to go, “…flitting from house hold to house held, dressed in all sorts of cheap finery.”–––– No-bull ladies’ boarding homes to the arsenal of fifty-eight strangeityor verandas, attituned to different windfalls and ligature pitches, charged of arborescent whirrr-patterns [glow-complex] be to thought gaudy forked-lightning strikes, due capillary fetishes, forendlessly commonplaced. The keeping segregated willfueled Ad-venues, shaded by trees, jib-showing Marcella and drunken Rachel alongst go'round madames let taken to marvelous spiral enmity, overflowing gidouilles in a nightcome–––two thousand visitors sore[d]evfl seen occasioned.

     TRANSgressions rents bruises. The Subservient Arkangull Raphaél [prohibitive huge] introducing arsenic into the well[-]water supply. The intentional infection with Malarya and Ugly Phillis––the great imitator, obswerved (allso) insanitythus>>>–––>directingsound gunfire.

     Exposed fraudulent the Selkirk boom-years Steinbacked–––All the (Re)People’s Mission; [Cancel ''People's'' / insert ''One's enemies''] associated blur-hope sumany possible net.Castings, (the miscalld 'Mercy Crasis') hwile of excess lead acts of charity rivalry cast-in-stone/‘Spirit of the Pinawanesa Plains’: “the phantom horse and the beautiful child~maiden Minnedosa who once rode it.”

     'Returned Men, Bog Streets, No Food or Jobs', speaking 'Michif'‘n spite what swign he(a)rd was murdering allophones. (His) whose future considers a poor use of inheritance on earth in method.distant heaven both –– manfooly serving the foureign elementalls=(the Liteartrue Undines + Stately FIGeared Allegorical Gnomes + Morall Sprites + Anagogical Salamanagers). –––1legd=(Fowk), the native.Mac foot-souldier.Saint=Royal putapawn, confused of imaginations wrung creaturely from the nonce-sense twolegs class of a Scots [by absorbtion] Quebecer and “phooey” Ojibwa squaw named Winnipeg.

     The fall(ing) of my 'family tree' cross Boucherie Creek;–––great axe-breaker Gitchi Manitou, –– usd as cartman conveyance _ vol-luminous_sunned steps_to–past_journeys (symbolic writing representing the super natural Metis≡'trades in 3lángs'=tongues + '½man/ ½wagon') on still living pieces of yellow birch-bark; a recalling-outwent ab extra those animate/inanimate “Whew Windspan/Óta Otinamok,” the Plains Cree obviate fourth person, to prairie bawd masculine quis/feminine quæ–provocowbells indicated by inflected French rules; generations' model pidgin (fatall fir'r routes) bramble scroll/distinctive furthright surrenders. Brink/very fly-papery wings with healing and apotropaic favours,/––– red rivers junction, any twigs or pronounst too long forked spiraleaf branch.shadows, sometimes waylay-didMENTIONED Northern Sprites, allso associated Rising Bread Brook, the war run in heaven, supporting 1000X their own weight in ''muddy water''.

     In O'Chanson de la Grenouillere/The Ballad of Snow-Frog Plain, –– Pierriche Falcon, the Unfriendly Minstrel, hops.sings of the treacherous men from high cross the Ink.pot: ––– “Those Brite-ass Yahoos! Who live entirely on white food, [viz. sugar, grated bones, salt, the mildew from fruit, cotton salad, and certain fish without skin]––come to pillage our country!”

     Like nowtimes, kilter ough ganglion moon.Pitcher, ½dangully round the front.Ear––(“an itching '''umour'' or a kind of leaping over the many partitions of my–––''what I am I fain would not be what I was I cannot be'',”)––which is older than the Voyceprint, glóriing to my ischemic Great Onkel Irishnative (by wedgelock)––he with the one eye blind, and the unallied-other looking atrophied, who pissed inksane as soon as ever he was born be(nuder.under a kabbadge)list, and that the first clout he fouled was a piece of tree-peel scratched off a linden's leavings;/ I didn't must.needs kissing in the New Year/ marvelously spiraling down a banishstar, stilts ambushed away nearby colonyths/ high.Cross the Church of Angland society's be... bel... bib... bibe... bile... bleb... ebb... boodle bable/lot/readymade for a fool-for-X~†sake of the genethliacal dictionarium (I was all the ways in its Co.mpany,)/diffamed as –– a pair of fleshy folds surrounding an orifarce tht.wch is not to axist=[a curved lign abt an exist] seen through a pylorus one-scene-fits-all plod-device ear-kegging red herring of READ HERRING(S)./ The title with the missing grey mer(e)forked tail./ Trickbook of Crills./ Many(varied)book of EarWakening/ not bound in dried-up goatgootgateskin./ To where the “miscere” repeople(s)[?]metis[?] maitiff[?]mustees[?]mestizo[?]originated “9months after the fatall first Ad-litterahite governed by the pen and the plough, set foot in the Americas,” leaving evrymetaopen through a shush-a-snore ignorrative meme braine, the ante-mundane voice from afore the Four Cows in the Lascaux Cave–––.com-ing further later-on in times gone-by latter.Stroking blio[?]blia [?]blyos[?]bibliophagi Thisorder-meantosay: 'till my death.sentence intervenes and ad-equates me'–––hallooing a loud in mind against those that aspire to(o) too high spite risley a parent-lied emocrazy[?]emophylic double in takes, dishonourable Metis/ 'Allowance Peoples', who not along go played the importune role in the Ink.corporation of the true North-West into Afisga Norland, which stands for Angland + France + Earland + Scutland + Jewmany + Aborigines + Green/ Ice/Fin/and Somali Lands, rathan into the United States of North America.

Rick Crilly was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is the author of The Tablecloth Trick (from ECW Press 2007). He lives in downtown Toronto. The above excerpt is from a longer work called Friendly, Manitoba.