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Issue 10: Sam Ladkin

Sam Ladkin is a lecturer in the School of English, University of Sheffield. His work tends to focus on the relationships between poetry and the arts. His manuscript, currently under review, entitled Clark Coolidge: Language, Phenomenology, Art, offers comparative readings of the poetry of Coolidge with artworks by Albrecht Dürer, Paul Cézanne, Willem de Kooning and Philip Guston, and is broadly phenomenological in its methodology. An article, “Glancing Paintings and Poems: Figuration and Abstraction in Clark Coolidge’s Polaroid and Willem de Kooning’s Excavation", is available in Textual Practice 26.3 (2012). With Robin Purves he has edited three collections, Complicities: British Poetry 1945-2007 (Litteraria Pragensia), the “British Poetry Issue” of Chicago Review, and “the darkness surrounds us”: American Poetry,” special issue of Edinburgh Review. He has a number of articles currently under review on the poet Frank O'Hara which, with the current article, he sincerely hopes will contribute to a monograph entitled Frank O'Hara and the Language of Art.