Issue 2: Kyle Storm

The Benevolence of the Butcher


chain up the chavs

I am in love •

all my blood

was under my nose

all along • throw up our thoughts and prayers

w/ the families of the deceased •

damn • damn, damn, • spark no spark

no • & hoof flushing • girl wing off her bone • no • I'm

given up women, to focus on

Printing the winning

interregnum bunting • no to

throwup leopardprint ligatures • be Twix • no

vagina dentata to •

hakuna matata •

no • True Critique, & New Regime,

Seldom together will be seen • sew

Identifiermerges cashier modal-you jets pinches softly the locovore

Wikitricity insect gears

my humours' wingfeathers

to the surfaces of omens

so my humour its bingowings unfurls •

not playthings now but toys

alive or in love or

the butt Mike drops keeps

landing on itself

of middle is

bed of

wand wire

edges and apes

trowel defame and

versatile, sparking and servile

as if to say,

"Who had the bread my mouth smells of?"

as if the scar over the spindle or

threaded, stay you

a little, O temp, I

ate the gym you're going to.

or gurn sucks in kippers, are

my humours' new feathers, downs,

petite, unto tail-crafted

toys and clothes

turn in pantomatched bones

in mills

breath flaws

our frail and rapacious

unflown Pegasusspark

look on us or

our turbans are unlit ghosts

not playthings now but toys


it milkwhite valleys with

puke under us once

again mulesless

my packrose no just

spit staples

the begged beings's

only semen is through

wateringcan roses

teeth smoke teeth Blended leaf sheet

as if ghasts water us

entranced you large allfours

mouth boil fur lutes

golden life candleflames

got new bones bird earth

mouth boil moth fur

lying oven air

spurt unlit bed vane

pert wall

puck rose fur

pearl span

spindle shred

rose fur shiny and walk

it her hair •


gym •

damn, • damn • yes my moist compound eyes

Kyle Storm Best-Chetwynde is 'trying to say that "I shove sceptres up the well-loved / singing of dalek Anarchists / let us call this practice "the gym"'.

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