Issue 3: Caroline Bergvall

Hi all Im Alyson

Hi all Im Alyson

Some people call me Al

on account of ma stal.

Am many theyngs too many

a few thyinge to some

& noffing but an irritante to socialites

& othire othere othre glossing troglodytes.

Just dont call me Alice.

I dig a good chat but the only rabbit I ever likd

is rabbit in prunes of Agen jumpd in duck fat

or a conys in Hoggepotte.

Sbeen a long time, some & six hundred.

Everythink was different, yet pretty much the same.

Fact is pretty much thru de same ole muck we wente.

Urning, lurning, yurning juz as ye do 2day, cursing, drynking, eting, festing,

fighting, gallooning, hustling, imaginyng, joining, kneling, loving, obliging,

pocreating, quartering, revolting, shitting, skuering, slinking, smering, snering,

snivling, snorting, sobbing, soring, speking, squatting, stamping, suking,

swapping, sweting, traveling, useing, vapourising, wandryng, yelling, yumping,

zoning, accumlating dets, fats & injury for lenders to cream the topping,

begging judges that under-carpet police brutality and claim


place, foreners wat nat speak English will get a good beating, foreners wat speak English will get a good-beating, citizns are foreners will get a good beating & awe round corrupting,

while the Eye in the sky

watches us all,

as said Niro, de actor in Casino.

Caroline Bergvall is a French-Norwegian writer and artist based in London, working across media, languages, and artforms. Books include: Goan Atom (2001) Fig (2005), chapbook Cropper (2009). Alyson Singes forthcoming end 2010. Recent presentations: PhonoFemme (Vienna), MukHa Museum (Antwerp), Digital Writing/Tate Modern (London), MOMA (NY). Currently an AHRC Fellow in the Creative and Performing Arts.

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