Issue 5: Simon Howard

i kept finding leaflets years later though i’m allergic to stereo

innering statuary squirts.

from its diamond

nipples songs of flecks of.

cushions nor a mute storm

& has a cold cheek for blood

to learn against retaliatory.

statecraft descriptive of over

cloaks & the monster

is afterwards love as it always

nuances in odd-numbered.

viaducts on patch of moon

left over from the cannibalistic

balloon race gets this agonising

screwdriver though th’eye biopsy

island speckling rain.

i keep finding leaflets years later though i was allergic to stereo back then

encountered a similar specification

vagrancy & periwinkles stretching a

across ideal autobahns

& learning to disguise soliloquies

or at the outermost to slurp them is glove no 7000.

there will be buckets of chilled glands

reward for retrogressive calligraphy

& the next but never dithyramb

on a loop brings the heavens low.

embrace this pissed on wall

how the correlationist has blindfolds

for every outpost & aaaaargh splat.

Simon Howard was born in London in 1960 & educated at University College London. His has appeared in Great Works, The Red Ceilings, Spine Writers, Venereal Kittens, FREAKLUNG: ODES & Shadowtrain. He has a chapbook, ZOOAXEIMPLODE, from The Arthur Shilling Press, & a long sequence NUMBERS published by The Knives, Forks and Spoons Press. He also has a poetry blog: walkingintheceiling.