Issue 8: Drew Milne

caesurae and ballroom bellinis

‘FORGET that you live in houses, that you may live in yourself–‘
              Mina Loy (Aphorisms on Futurism)

virelay: drayton gloss: colons

ambergris: so to use: perfumes

battening: said to boo: thrive

bellwether: minims: lead sheep

chapelet: billions: wreath for

clip: the hand lounge: to kiss

crankling: fees eh: lets twist

dowset: knitted pretty: doucet

estridge: took flight: ostrich

frouncing: thats lol: frizzing

hind: the living bung: peasant

impresa: still tridents: motto

kelled: the douche nod: webbed

leven: in demo mode: lightning

mell: to bruise: mingle meddle

orpharion: gutless: lutes then

penny-feather: tootling: miser

roundelay: goose jig: refrains

simple: ballroom bellini: herb

stover: with chips: snowy grub

taw: dodecaphonic swab: to tow

ure: short-lined to spend: use

whig: the glosses: butter milk

zany: in mounting panic: mimes


toggles: fanshawe notes: semis

cancelled stanza: starrs: cute

or gaudy: vide puppies: waters

betting or firing: doe: vetted

reliques: be broyl’d again: or

one upshot: sayle: tinged with

verdicts: fanning windes: pure

white: can still this: mangled

semantic: blankers: degen’rous

place holder: lofty: strangely

itself a toggling: mickle: air

with this: this merely: sticks

by nature: merely petal: souls

slight variant: printed: error

in purse: who wound: as inward

dimme: dimm’d: latin’d obscura

shogge: shoogled: side to side

dravell’d: wet of saliva: made

to engrayle: rough: or prickly

indented edge: margin: a sheet

roaping: dumbing up: thickened

would: as in wou’d: then wooed

lother: taken to: print rather

source: not identified: a plat

beyond seas: lovelacing: turns

blue-god: phone hacks: Neptune

to make better: groom: sensing

clue: googlers: ball of thread

the common suage: hip: assuage

sarabandes: then: triple timer

to nard: sans microsoft: aroma

gilt-plaits: red top: patchier

cozening: sweet tabbed: cheats

clouded: literally: in the sky

the minikin: studious: trebles

in buskins: satellite tv: boot

box or show: sludger: sexed up

boorein: see page 3: a peasant

in gyves: now kettled: fetters

incarnadine: as dogs: to flesh

motions: that to folk: puppets

green-god: fire truck: Neptune

his queen: all egg: Amphitrite

crisping: mid chariot: curling

neat: pass the duchies: cattle

hallowed: be thy demo: hollows

antic: the looter blue: absurd

gust: the disputed bill: taste

Drew Milne's books of poetry include Go Figure (2003), Mars Disarmed (2002) and The Damage: New and Selected Poems (2001). Two chapbooks are forthcoming this year – equipollence and The View from Royston Cave – along with a larger collection of poems from Shearsman entitled Blueprints & Ziggurats. Website:

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