Issue 9: Roy Fisher (for Peter Robinson)


Varnish and milk

in equal measures. No ideas

but in mixtures, suspensions,

conglomerates, slags

in variety. Apply time, note

when the milk outstinks the varnish.


With my time in my eye

an honorific ode's not on

for one so young, so I'll give you

a piece of my mind: one of the pieces

as it rucks and fissures. In philosophy

ineducable: in observation

passably good, if self-taught.

Throughout the past 60 years Roy Fisher has remained 23 years older than Peter Robinson; and lives on, pharaonically seated, on  the outskirts of Earl Sterndale. His Poems 1955-2010 appeared in 2012: a recast book of interviews and a Collected Occasional Prose,1963-2013, are due in 2013.