Blackbox Manifold

Issue 11: Anne Gorrick

What indications carry you now?

after What We Do In Paris is Secret

(for A Lab on Fire by Dominique Ropion)

When your wild and scented dreams finish with an upward feeling

something which you should like, but is less than the sum of its parts

Secrets exceed a symphony of splendid repercussion

It’s impossible not to be deluded inside rich vanilla notes

Pink mischievous Turkish, lychee, bergamot

What causes a skindependence?

The first time (honestly) and oh, d’elsewhere?

You leave a vapor trail

What indications carry you now?

Manner, crémeux, declining, honeyed

These are the kinds of words

that make your heart unpack a weapon for a crime

Don’t look any further

[…and other under-the-radar luxuries / with its musky ambery slightly orris touch on skin / by the contrast between the fruity green rosy facet / just opened the funny bag and I like the smell (blind buy) / a perfect name for this perfume which is a pastry, a crime]

Horn chants

Do you need sheet music to whistle “don’t’ you love me?”

Let’s have a know-nothing party

We are an art family

Theme?  How knowledge knows how things work

How did the west get its shape?

How does debt affect your nervous system?

Lovely floral gourmand scent

which is a more understated variation on Loukhoum

More cakey, less rosy

For this kind of money, I expect a fragrance to last

Do not believe the hype. Don't let it influence you

But then.... there it was

After a couple hours, the typical overly-marketed top notes fade

and it dries down into this honey-sexied-spicyness

curiously similar to Putain des Palaces

The northern lights form out of decisions that look like E Flat

The notes pictured above are all on piano

I was baptized and recorded                       

The notes wrapped in some chunky cashmere

Trenches filled with cottage scandals

Constellations of lyrics and chords

Scales in a slender and slow Spanish

the scent of someday

[What is it that creates comfort? When we are young it is our favorite blanket or stuffed animal /  As we mature the things that comfort us become... / Dominique Ropion is considered by some to be the most technically advanced perfumer of all time / I'm in Paris for six months and would like to discover the hidden part of the town / We went to the very end of the Passage to a hole in the wall that was last]

A true breeding red flowered, a redpigment cyanidin

Some cowgirls feel like rain                       

Slinkies live completely by reason

A nettled summary in performative objects

Why are some perfumes darker?

Gardenia oils, samples and bottles

Some way of dreaming an entering note

is read are known

The you in a monster is not made

When time is a little something that is ended by moving something else up

A secret symphony of forced echoes exceed the making

An abundance attached to functionality

harmful Turkish musks, ambergris and pink

an impossible lychee not to be puzzled over

Bring an independence that you do not have to explain

As for us, starting from our skin, it’s impossible to maintain place

Method, creamy, honeyed in decrease

When kind ones are thinking of a kind of word that can plug your center

one that you do not have to see:

maybe lychee, or Turkish, or pink gasoline

[Share it with the world. Facebook. Update feed. Tear It. Edit. Cancel. Torn. black & white. black & white / Tear the olfactory footprint]

She reads eggs, a rubric detective

Some stars on earth, some mushrooms, some crosswords

Something almost said moves inside her first

Almost being said

Something awful about a borrowed truck

a dance in awful nightside torrents

Yellow squash, dusk flowers inside her grey desk

Even your flowers complain

I can't seem to get over it

It haunts me

the perfect amount of spice with a trail of vanilla

So now I'm crazy over this marvelous perfume

that I wasn't too enthralled with in the beginning

Goodbye $110

I was prepared to love this one more than I did

Wildtangent, brandied dreams, shootouts

A heart filled with sumac, cloudrose resin

Daylilies dream next to their hostas

Daphne, drawer liners, dragonskies

Cranberry colored lyrics will burn you down

You wake up with cuts, stabbing injuries, alligators

But doctor, I’m a cheerleader, I’m a rocket, I hate pink chugging


[See 256 traveler reviews, 108 candid photos, and ...  / The staff didn’t really need to do much as we were out first thing and not back till late / +Show map of 2 Rue de Parme, 75009 Paris, France / The perfect cuddly rice scent]

Endless flight paths, seven feet of Sunday mass

Do you smell smoke when there is none?

Do you often smell things that aren’t there?

Tumors, burnt toast, salt

Do you smell like iron after it’s been left outside?

Fish disease, vinegar, anti-freeze?  Maple syrup?

The planet shakes

The wild dream of coming notes

Scents read to your frank, uneducated parts

The total quantity, sometimes a little something that shifts

in a Paris-ed secret, a symphony of compelling  echoes

Where concerns with the real are exceeded

(it should be forming!  It is enthusiastic!)

or a vanilla functionality attaches  to soft impossible notes:

harmful Turkish ones, musks

Amber (plentifully available) and pink lychee confuse bergamot

You must not explain your (in)dependences

How can we drive ourselves from our skins?

What kind of word can clog your center?

Bergamotte, lychee, Turkish and tonka, gasoline and tolu

[Need to decide what to see and do during your stay in Paris? / Not to worry, we've done much of the groundwork for you / Just check out our at-a-glance guide / Day two gives a glimpse of an edgier, more secret Paris and includes the extra-uber-ultra-niche-and-divine]

Fat kids love their cake sayings

Like a fan belt in the poem of a Barbie

or a math fraction game with a cat

Pumpkin stencils and lambs

scrubber extractor, smoke and dust procedures

Measure this with a stopwatch

What is something you would shout beginning with the letter k?

Or p?

What is something you should never leave unlocked?  This


You should have kissed me

A pale imitation of Chergui

Every time I wear it I am surprised again

Honey is not an overwhelming note

but just adds a floral nectar

It's like some amazing floral hybrid

where they managed a gourmand tone emanating

from a live, heady flower 

Shark saves man drifting at sea

Should we hyphenate over the longterm?

Should lovenox burn after injection?

Should we change the way we love and feel?  Should we be


Should you look at a Rauschenberg prior to surgery?

Should love be taken with food?

It’s easy to be unconditional

But does it float?

[It makes me pine for Sundays in Paris, when the city retreats into its secret corners and everyone manufactures their own sadness / But if you're new to Paris or simply passing through, Sundays can often beg the question: now what do we do?]

Do you scratch your face hello?

Don’t trust the B in Apt. 23

Don’t smoke in bed before Christmas

Don’t something

Pressed and fragile levitation homes

A less than greater symbol would be a perfect actress

a prison ministry’s least angel

A wildness enters the dream in some fragrant way

A scented material notes you on its acknowledgements page

What terminates a likely shift?

The elements of our free compulsions

are like echoed secrets

a symphony of true care surpassed

Is form ever truly warm-hearted?

Tonka enclosed by its own functions

The honey is a result of soft and harmful notes

How to repel our skin for us, when we are not honestly possible?

Method, butterfat, happy

A kind-hearted word stops at your center and you can’t look at it

[Their mission is still shrouded in much mystery / You might expect some esoteric little niche scent that will horrify your co-workers / Thirty years ago, in the dead of night, a group of six Parisians and eight restorers built their own secret workshop in a storeroom, which they wired for… / “Everything they do is very intense” / They thought: What else could we do?]

The stimulation ignoring effect, there are serpents in my hands

The sum of two consecutive integers and their wines

Your interior angles, all fears square in geometric series

The year’s digits, their thrills

I have lost the definition of time

Eigenvalues are positive:

lacefront, possessive, potent, distribution considered logistics

white lawn fluids, wheat plant diagram

My name is a blue moon, a scientology

What words can I make with these letters

that also echo in the cheap seats?

So spectacular and radiant, it was instant love for me

Wonderful stuff, just not my style

except- yeah, this would be a mighty fine scent

for doing "secret stuff" in Paris

We are never getting back together

We heart it

We don’t have to take our clothes off

Cows listen to metal roof complaints

Do your invitations include accruals?

Do it yourself pest control, do it yourself divorce

Do inversion tables work?

[Everything is open in the winter and we would have lots to do / The trip stayed a great secret /  Christmas came / What would you do if you knew all of the things we knew / Would you stand up and profit? / All in secret so the public never thinks to stop it / The Illuminati triple sixes it all]

Pittsburgh in the past tense

in pace requiescat

in paradisum

in particular

in pari delicto affirmative defense

Illinois weeds burn for nine days

It’s always a good idea to carry a pillow(book)

September sinks in beautiful sleeping respect

a slender math

Her sea salts were contagious

Her secrets were canceled

secret 7 catfish punch bait

Nouns whisper, their clank worth buying

A wild vain hope for all fragrant materials

to read you until real care surpasses

You cannot honestly explain your dependences

when they are enclosed in vanilla

Young fat molecular shapes

makes looking possible

[Why should I do something as reckless as buying a “secret” hotel? / Just as soon as we got home, I grabbed a pair of blunt scissors / We meet at 2pm outside the Pont de Saint Cloud metro station (Line 10) / along a scalloped edge, an embroidered overlay / These are the secrets / We know—we were there at Charles de Gaulle to open her cage and see her]

Palos verdes, gorgonian soft coral sea fan

A fabric-ed amphitheater, green synonyms, amputatedlyrics

Shiny things, shower curtains, strands, spelling

sundresses, girl names, a sympathy of messages

A symphony of prairies and math

goddesses, destruction and mountains

Idioms illuminated from within, their Christmas lights

their inferior social status

Lightness and cohesion

Not high pitched or screechy

The honey stays on my skin

but never renders it into a pastry

Name (if we talk about Paris and secrets you can count me in!)

or the nose - Dominique Ropion - the genius who gave us:


Carnal Flower

Lalique (Le Parfum)


Tactical supernatural learning, it’s just your lunch

It’s not easy being a bunny

Thoughts about printable rhythms

This message has been forwarded

its counts, beats, values, frequencies, names

and there were no valleys to shake

You always leave notes lying around

that’s why I pray to your beautiful facts

that your facts become beautiful

An episodic haunting, their thinking games

What to do with your body, under your skin?

Your earlobes like quotes

[So, all we can pry out of their hands is,"Love is fresh” / We are the counterpoint to an era where everything is slow and complicated / I do not wish to be a "secret society," he insists /

What we do is secret  / titan radio myelin sheaths dead man's bones swimsuit the crabs la font british sea power]

What are some hard things to say when you’re drunk?

While drunk, with play doh, with a girl

Are you Sinatra or Sophocles?

Your internal angles total 720 degrees

It’s impossible to please Elvis now

Impossible nail through wood trick

The impossible novena

What is the smallest partial question of the total amount?

When sincerity is an intentional element

Paris exceeds our care in echoes

Consequence is confused with bergamot

Functions are enclosed by the impossible, the harmful

You cannot explain your dependence completely

There are sections of you that vapor forgot

This new fat form of perfumed materials

This amiable word it’s impossible for you to look at

Gasoline the color of rocks, rose

A scent that is soap appropriate

[18th Century Gold Boxes and Vanity Objects / 'Cultural guerrillas' cleared of lawbreaking over secret workshop / We see in them something of his modest, retiring nature; something of his ardent patriotism / But what was Chopin to do in Paris, now that he was there? / That last remark lets us into the secret]

Not to be reproduced

not to be afraid of dogs

not to be missed in Manilla

not to ban armed drones

To build a fire

To be verbs

To be absent from the body

Lumbered and made luminous by sign language

I want to be lucky in Japanese

Use the word innocence in a sentence

Potato lake, daylight blooms between

the rich sweetness of melons

wine and heat and bread

shapewear, fretboard, condolence

a vanilla slipper chair

There are people who judge the package

because it is so plain and comes in an aluminum bag

that you must cut first to take out the bottle

It has a sweet sour facet (lychee is that you?)

Send me a sample of liquid night

which actually suits me more with the wood on top

and the sweet discreetly shimmering behind it

An icy frostinged sky

its patterns on sale

barefoot in ginger and nutmeg

thick liquids, sugar conversion, trivia

Does honey lighten your hair?

Tongue devils, their aphrodisiac qualities

The big blue house says good night

mud hens, toluene, monastery Nepal

You are a minor judge of

warm season grasses, the sensuality of cancers

Your Eskimo masks

The pig of god got up slowly and walked away

Place death considering art


[We got an evening pass to the Louvre on a Friday and there was a very secret meeting place where one could do one’s mistress / americanism, britain, britishism, orlando, wizards, revelry, sunset, sentimental, design, detroit, paris]

rose lychee vanilla spiced amber Chesapeake

lychee and rosewater martini

in your bergamot address book

disordered regulatory authority

doesn’t matter, had sex anyway

explicit ex-boyfriends living in attics

Explain this image

Explain it like I’m five, but with molecules

wrap your body, we all float down here

Keep this door locked

against secret wallpapered invitations

This awkward silence makes me crazy

There is a vain middleness to her wilds

the way she pastes herself to a perfume

Even the rocks are diligent and sincere with an internal grudge

Facts eventually wear out

What exactly pastes perfume to culture?

Silence is a partial displacement

Which thing writes the duty of an ingredient?

Paris exceeds its own covert echoes, its symphonies, its shape

A confusion of selfishness encloses her in its amber

The result of a lychee-ed attention from a rose rich man

Soft vanillas function within their harms

[We fetch it from our neighbor's / We kindle it at home / We communicate it to others, and it becomes the property of all (1733-06-20), from Oeuvres Complètes de Voltaire: Correspondance [Garnier frères, Paris, 1880] / Use, do not abuse; the wise man arrange things so / The secret of being a bore is to tell everything]

The sun lyrics the world

Origin and yet destination

Our hands, our end, our kitchen

From our shower to yours in proper English

Our solar system, our skinny, our skeleton

Our sky grows thicker when it snows

Her tissues kept us warm


Whelps, lidocaine, needle, flare

I for real had a man ask me, "Did you just walk behind me?"

 said "yes" and he said, " I wasn't sure

I just felt this light breeze and the most amazing smell all at the same time"

Please God show me where that smell is coming from

She will steal your loyalty

It became dusty and plasticky

and disappeared from my skin too quickly

Powder cloud

Dying on meth, cooking fish, losing weight, struck by lightening

Where’s my refund, Chuck Norris?

Where’s my water?  My wheat belly?

Where are my Hebrew and English wheels?

When will Excedrin be back on the shelves?

When we say “You’re killing me”

When we say “something gives me energy”

When we say “an appliance uses up electricity”

When we first find someone whose weirdness falls into lyrics

I had no idea your chords kissed

A first sampled honesty

[WHAT WE DO IS SECRET. ... DEATH CRASH; EXCLUSIVE / Car's performance largely remains a secret, yet we do know that there will be the 2013 Lotus Minicar concept first at the 2010 Paris Motor Show]

Horses, honor codes, openness

Of clay we are created full text

She glows like a lottery

Which one is pink?

I need an orange juice can

Piano sheet music killers

I am lyrics in Spanish, in dresses                       

The blue sky way in, I are, I am

An impossible transformation, a suitable freezing

Your dependence repulsed from the skin

skin from that thing-field

This, and then head-turning

from the profiles of these vapor people

Sometimes method will forget its own facts

they wear out into a new fat shape

The happy abandonment of procedure decreased it

The materials paste people to their perfume, like seasonal directions

[A dream project for pedestrians, with endless secrets hidden away from all the wonderful clichés / A hidden “ feve” (enamel or plastic ornament) is baked inside / Get yourself invited to a secret dinner party / The palace we know today was largely designed under the reign of Louis XIV: the two splendid wings of the Cour]

It sucks to have subzero as a roommate

A swell of apparel, a museum tab

What does it mean when your hand itches?

What does it mean if you dream the devil bites you?

Whisper reviews wrapped in cosmetics

She feels him close to furious

Her hair grows faster and the ink on her crosswords

falls off the page

A styrofoam horseman costume

A concussion displays the harmonies of Seven Up

An exorcist, a swallowing strategy

Hall of fame mood quotes

Arsenic was discovered and ink that you can only see with glasses

The faint smell of smoke, flowers, the river

and faint smells of food, green, the streets, and the scent of skin

Don't let the utilitarian packaging fool you, this is a perfume for a siren

This one is all push-up bra, garter belts, and leather over-the-knee boots

C'est un vin chaud en hiver

I'm having a little love affair with Dominique (or rather, his creations)

I lived for a time in India, and a mix of

sandalwood, rose, lychee, vanilla and honey may be just as likely to remind me of the smell outside an Indian confectioner’s shop as of anything else

Tolu is my Kryptonite

Hindered prayers, you’ve been copied from a webpage

You’re leaving poetry all around you

A Las Vegas rape scene, or the scene of an accident

Your narcissist legacy

A very old horse with enormous wings

A vapor is a state of matter that is also a vampire story

Trail of tears motorcycle ride                       

Rocket god injections, I’m a cheerleader in Spanish

injections gone bad

Use “but in the end it doesn’t really matter”

at the beginning of a sentence

[Opacity (Keeps upside, transfers downside to others, long a hidden option) /  I vividly remember my long afternoon walks in the park du Luxembourg in the Latin Quarter in Paris, as I used to live across from it]

A token infinite

Dreams may come in the shape of sportive tricks

Blood and dogs in theaters now

In the wakefulness of bikini lyrics

Plasticville pleases you

You are a touch museum

Your relevant experience of putting up peaches

What to do

What happened

What there is to complain about

You eschew, you think

You’re sipping on after, doveheart

What do your shoes say about you?

You’re wearing your skin like it’s too tight

Cardigans out of lyrics

Nothing but paint

Nothing but an apron


No makeup, no socks

We are diligent and sincere in our resentments toward

dreaming and vanity and materiality

Silence disappears and is replaced by a question

The symphony which makes Paris echo is secret

True care takes place

The lychee-ed rich man, his pink results

You when us (not honestly)

Dependence pushes into your skin

the skin a field that doesn’t properly explain possibility

A man adopts a principal reference, his profile is vaporous

his concessioned methods carried outside, but explained

New gross forms happy in their own procedures

Soft words impossible for you to see

like a provisioning musk

[In her family, “secret” is distinguished from “private” / Some guides don’t reveal some information because it is wise and caring not to do so / The older we are the more secrets we are given to refuse / We are idolaters of the Old / We do not believe in the riches of the soul, in its proper eternity / Long range—we do not want 800,000,000 living in angry isolation]

Decapitated bodies in Mexico

Decadent Hollywood poems

She is a wine extractor, an almond paint color

She is feathered with apples

Symbols in an envious darkness

Sedimentation sewed onto her seizures

Sensual individuation

The days were short, and he spoke with his ukulele

If these angles were not supplementary

Winter Sundays do not learn from history

from some saggy private animal parts

Already, you may be speculating that this is the smell of lust, or perhaps fear?

Combine that with a bottle that’s 'too cool for school'

and you have a yourself a cult following

About three hours after application it occurred to me that

I was reminded of (YSL) cinema

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"

Make worksheets for the stars that are most interesting to you

Pearls, broken droids

Are you interested?

Are the kidneys inferior to the lungs?  The liver?

Some friends turn into books

the kind of wind in India

her blue yoga memory quilt, gun crosswords

[It was far too much to say openly: the secret of alchemy, and of science / in its nervousness and care / It’s more than I'd like to admit / We gingerly stepped down between the rails just off the end of a platform wondering what madness had possessed us to do so / Mint 1960's sprague unit, found hidden in the Paris Metro]        

What kind of words start with “y”?

Sentences find illusions

Words to describe someone, that mean love, that describe


that mean “nicely dressed”

What words end in J?

You sound smart

You sound intelligent

A man falls in love

People buy

You look thinner when you sleep

Your heart might lead you to an empty room

The muscles in your body function as a race at night for no


You carry your wife out of a fire

and look archaic

Are dreams a wasteful medium?

Do they have certain specifications?

Note that perfume is acquired like culture

[If we had it to do over again, all four of us would do it differently / He died at Paris, France, on Oct 17, 1849, after a 10-year battle / The earliest work to display Chopinesque figurations as we know them today is the language set into the pages of a little journal that he kept secret to the end of his life]

You didn’t build my sunshine

Darkness is not your ally

There is beauty still left in the numbers between 1 and 10

Think of a product you would not purchase

Pelvic bones are a kind of revolution

A person holds a bag filled with teeth

and yawns a perfunctory clockwork yawn

The honey adds a nice touch

but never does this perfume approach the brilliance of Ropion's


I've passed this on to my youngest daughter

She sprays it on her pillow at night

which is brilliant because you see she's asleep before she realizes

this whisper of a potion has all but vanished!

I never want to be without. Ever

She smells like creamy apricots

Coconut, roses, bain de soleil, cotton candy

Smells that please everyone like soap or bedrooms

Her cell phone number was made out of beach glass

Locust tree facts lounge

in their cream blush petal candy

[Oh, the things Paris will do to a girl's morals, her broken hearted tangos / My God, I would never do anything to encourage Saigon not to come to the table / Most Parisians don't have huge closets / Always having secret fun, he died]

Publish your heart

and its heliotropisms

its architecture of memory flowers

in toluene, milk foam

Anne Gorrick is a poet and visual artist who lives in West Park, New York. She is the author of I-Formation (Book 2) (Shearsman Books, Bristol, UK, 2012), I-Formation (Book 1) (Shearsman, 2010), and Kyotologic (Shearsman, 2008).  She has collaborated with artist Cynthia Winika to produce a limited edition artists’ book, “Swans, the ice,” she said, funded by the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY and the New York Foundation for the Arts.  She has also done extensive collaborations with artist and architect Scott Helmes and poet John Bloomberg-Rissman.  She is co-editing with Sam Truitt an anthology of adventurous poetry from New York’s Hudson Valley called: In|Filtration: A Hudson Valley Salt Line (Station Hill, Barrytown, NY, 2014). She curates the reading series Cadmium Text, which focuses on innovative writing from in and around New York’s Hudson Valley (, and she co-curates the electronic poetry journal Peep/Show with poet Lynn Behrendt (, a “taxonomic exercise in textual and visual seriality.” Images of her visual art can be found here: