Blackbox Manifold

Issue 11: Linda Kemp

Beyond Descriptive Statistics

‘some cause was just’


Count the

           sings into the

counting seasons in the thickening

subjectivity. Uncertainty


                                   criminalises the sane

such a shame the field


           lets down a shield and in totters,

                                   in a laurel crown,

surveying the probability concept.

                         Conceptually s/he

lets down coherence


             multiplication  )

a general form of interferences and a stubborn example.

What is not modelled remains in Daphne’s wardrobe,

                                                             sliding doors,

                                                             and the rings


A rose is the sweetest smelling distribution;

what chance uniform distribution, s/he shivers, trem-

bling into someone’s husband’s suit.

                        Logging didn’t suit me at all.

Plaid interprets fashion its own way. Correlating

a variety of                    with discrete random functions

it is easier in the margins

            counting out the counting out monoeciously,

hands thrust into the earth

             couldn’t interfere with that 

the posterior information is jellied,


of uncertain nature,

                                     limps out at credible intervals

and shapes tomorrow’s prior, present.

Who knew the latest formulating likelihood

hoodwinks belief, improper ignorance, vague and like

metaphor is to inter-subjectivity.


sample themselves, suck it and define a methodology,

the simplest trick in the world is rejection.


when to generalise into abstraction is to consolidate.

So. Inversion is a method of converting the simulacra,

random variables comment and invariably contribute

to the stasis of policy-making. Double-lipped clowns

look on:

             radiocarbon-dating is                chance, spatial,

distant and surprisingly demands computational power

higher than fingers and thumbs. So

                        drop it. Provenance has never been

sufficiently exceptional that overriding


                                   the see-saw pattern

rises like a rash and drowns the inflamed eye-socket

what’s not recorded is sound

                                   a basic model and the way forward

varying greatly in size and simulation.

Linda Kemp has writing forthcoming in some other places. Recent collaborations include work in some other spaces with the composer Stephen Chase. She lives in Sheffield.