Blackbox Manifold

Issue 12: Jal Nicholl

A continuously changing environment

requires a devil to cleave through its

porridge multi-coloured as god's

covenant (and then some) an open-ended sentence

going on and on like some “oral" instruction

manual writing itself ad hoc, up-

skilling in dental and pornographic

contexts—but this is how we move

forward as a team, strong, weak

and indigenous with knowledge and

experience of key issues relating to

administrative aspects of the same

or similar tasks performed like

a well-known song on a prime time talent show

The Platonic Idea of that particular individual

When you're a cab

driver you could be a cab driver 20 30 years

and after that you're still

...which is why the waxwork evokes

a feeling of horror... 


to have taken the Mac Donald's

by the freeway for

a landmark because it reminds you of a dream

you had in which almost everything was

destroyed by fire

                                 lit by the farmer

under his goat. Why, you ask?

                                 Do the sums below

               ...and so it was left to me

to discover the secret...

                                 to find out

the answer: So he could boil his billy

I use words in their dictionary meaning

smooth stones dropped into water

after being heated, to make soup

using the pivot table function

a chair, an artwork the "point" of which was like

the fakir's bed of nails: a trick

playing on religious credulity

at last the christmas break came along

marking the 4/4 time signature

and by telepathy

renewing the promise of an end to seasons

Jal Nicholl's poems are splattered all over the web like a viscous substance. He also writes horror stories.