Blackbox Manifold

Issue 13: Allen Fisher

from No Longer Alone

                                                                         third set

in the storm flux

            crowds proliferate or migrate

torn nerve

            mosaics across the retina

extrusions control those of us on the surface

            homeostatic division without growth

crowds extrude crowds in confined substratum

            and consequent loss of survival


our visual access to the slush park proteins

            starburst amacrine and horizontal cells

human variation in mimetic fidelity

            morphometric to dreams of bird forms


living rather than dead cells eliminated

            in the road run

homeostasis and removal of damage

            locked to epithelial pathologies


aberrant tensions block our extrusion

            form cell masses

reduced predation pressure on less profitable prey

            limit the selection for globs of perfection


set for the promotion of ideal tumours

            a retention of defects

below the temperature of quantum degenerents

            bosonic particles sudden form coherence


matter waves production of phenomena

            superconductivity, superfluidity and condensation

in momentum energy a pattern of unforgiving spontaneity

            in the storm flux

                                                                                                   fourth set


vapoured crack formation

            drives our planetary failure

parallel fracture paths

            that pattern our sex ranch


our control initiation channels propagation

            crack patterns our substrates

where we burn in quantum roar

            insulated from decoupled dynamics


a protected coherence

            at a crowded gate

random biases

            trend off the same direction


pervasive over-selection

            reports false positive results

systematic error that prevails

            in the predation of our responses


this new corroded trust

            that creep cracks your commitments

a decoupled disruption

            to interface wet dynamics


conflict with gate skin design

            to harness resonance and breath

crack morphologies to ordered bifurcations

            straightened induced directions


tools and techniques you have

            for thin brittle depositions

but we have been drawn from microfabrics

            in vapoured crack formation

Allen Fisher, is a poet, painter and art historian, website: <>

He is the author of 150 publications of poetry, graphic work and commentary; his Fluxus performance and conceptual work of the 1970s developed into new visual work, now in many international collections including the Tate and the Living Museum Iceland. Most recent books were SPUTTOR, Veer Books 2014, Proposals, Spanner Editions 2012 and LEANS, Salt Publications 2007. He is Emeritus Professor of Poetry & Art at Manchester Metropolitan University.