Blackbox manifold

Issue 14: Billy Cancel

     when i joined sifter’s union blissville chapter     things were on

the slide     much wailing from     between the barges     hotels &

saloons all pulling out     around then kingdom     of slang was much

disturbed by     the arrival of strangers     blindfolded men armed

to the teeth roamed     the capital’s streets     insentient modulator

operated upon a cautious     wait ‘n’ see policy     military firing range

keep out     was referred to     as otter cove     adjoining blue shallows

contaminated silt from the dockyard     choked it     put that in

your  troubadour song         have sprung from the rotten

     wood of old ships     to receive this fried slice of     trauma raw

in the middle furthermore     much aggravated by these condiments &

excessive seasoning     am peering  electric through dark charcoal

orchard blossoms     all dressed for radar with   

gleeful precaution against    

toxic shadow lapse     only when all 6 trucks filled

with outback pass     may we turbo charge into

soup         the end of the last party i recall

     was heralded by

a series of

gorse fires


     in cloud basement you play hard ball & chicken     meanwhile

like crap through a goose i go     from cubicle to apartment 

stocked with unsettling details     montage of black ‘n’

white images follow     anonymous bric-a-brac mostly     as i

sit awkward awaiting noise & light     & watch with the sound

down     as you bumped up     to the lead     chase a phantom

stag beyond     the dark sizzling sun     all this in just the 1st 7

minutes     seeing the greatest     cars in the world destroyed    

doesn’t compare         at dreg rendezvous when    

     the big picture got small     on-screen graphics showed my pink

pixel heart     breaking in two     was time to gain the friendship of

strange men  as the custom prescribed something     to wash

the trail     tech nerd block little pixel chap came saw me     we

bounced     the 1st 4 letters of his name     off against

the database         slap a network code on this &

     call it a multiplayer son but

they won’t engage your     if

you can’t beat it blue

print     these

angels are tired 


     watched through the strains of a fever     sunset-that-pulled-

-everything-down dvd bonus with     the bit where even

celestial county gets     2 feet of snow fragmented     sometimes

grating soundtrack i would     give it 3 stars     danger point though

remains my holiday fave         won’t shovel     the stock drift from

     my door     hip park vendor     i’ve already got     my hex

options sorted     in compensation for my damaged crop  a

tribunal awards     me the severed head of an animal     your

angst variations of all smoke no roast means i was willing to

remove     bad luck from my body & enter the arena alone         winter

     shall overlap into large parts of autumn spring     to a milk salmon

backdrop     gobbler will dream of being office thin     his

doctor prescribing horn buds to     be moved

to the center of the skull &     to only hunt

in the clouds & catch

a fly every

100 years         such low budget ape man

     parodies     i recall sitting at my table of     

scrapbooks  in     cameo bone yard with

the other retrospective chancers


     hometown castaway eyes leaking blue     high over gauze coast

bright cliff meadows with     a gutful     yes an unusual greenness

to that     place below where roads muddled through & i drew men

horses & other things i liked raised     a glass to knock-ups rip-offs     fed

upon thistles ‘n’ thorns got     

seduced by gangrene am still

waiting patiently for that     retrospective

nick name revision         want to go somewhere new?     yes     then put 2

     contact lenses in 1 eye none in the other     while i threaten you with

schism between content & form     since there’s a glitch in     the source

code     do you want this fix in hexameter or prose?     my fledging

attempt to avoid scorpion riddled holes while seeking 32 magic

coins in a frantic 20 minutes was subdued by jackdaw havoc     dazzled

snag novice with half-slope then jackdaw havoc     unremitting sequence of

all devoted until jackdaw havoc     when you gonna begin vague sugar?

after jackdaw havoc         sometimes the claw instead of the nail would

     have done spark marshal     that tight default     radiated some grace     

upon our brittle spectrum         hey billy it was great to meet you & see you

     desalt the herring i run a monthly series at liquid split called decay

night would you like to read? yes

Billy Cancel has recently appeared in Blazevox, Other Rooms Press & Bombay Gin. His new body of work GAUZE COAST has just been published this Winter by Hidden House Press. Sound poems, visual shorts and other aberrations can be found at