Blackbox manifold

Issue 14: Mark Dickinson


What defers off opening, maintains a pact to affirm by means loosely within cover. Onto each applied stage complex arrangements disperse across uneven pores at closely knit intervals. All particles proximity extends outward, toward exterior promise within original bind.

Noting the tenuous links from within darks embryonic chamber remotely operates before the prophecy of light. This tender branch of mass explores the mutualism that attends across a span of difference hidden in soil. Frameworks of adaptation exploring coefficient processes to exchange along the intracellulary.

The passage of imagination yields along transitional corridors where hope abuts its minute extensions attending to the freight of damage. Note the attentive coupling of hopes extended mass, rebutting the absolute negative grinding the rim off any counter exchange.

What the hyphae secretes onto becomes a cover of encounter, decompositions resource to a beneficial offer extending the creative through a range of absorption down their concentrated gradients.

Through transmembrane protein channels the carriage of spontaneity alights on opportunity outsourcing the resources through passivity’s transport. This cooperative dynamic labours beyond the threshold of any singularly given, dispersing intelligences co-dependents as a strategy of nurture within this inclusive array.

If hope mutates along transformative words, what conveys of presence, may yet invoke the term of intimacies passive co-transport. This contingent bent forestalls against astringent negatives encouraging within co-dependent strategies alternatives to capital’s malignant cache.


Where ‘nurse’ reads contention, ‘selfish’ interests’ fissure across a balkanised address where knowledge becomes a tactical co-figuring of beliefs conjecture even as the parasitism becomes the nub of a complex that spokes around the hub of a catchment.

Within enforcements of ‘self’ and ‘other’, fuses along strained horizons may yet migrate between genomes of similarity and difference. Sharing a glyph of context dependences that can state otherwise along a remit of counter or granulate the instance of what this calls to.

Behind a rapid death, a scorched earth principle becomes a preventative step of coercion, however violent the seeming, all the dust becomes not the pleasure of an act to power but the careful cap of risk, in a strategy of participation adapting and reforming along the new common.

This re-form toward uncertainty models a risk along corresponding likenesses, not a simile of figure but a recovery of severed ends that may otherwise blaze calamity in exegesis of fire. A network within sites of damage seals around the open sore as heal attends to severing.

Not blankly lit reached this re-knit of horizontal transfer along planner surf that gives across its individual loci. The filamentous network becomes the future of its own origin where loci move among species.

As a driver for coexistence, dynamic strategies’ mutually trade across terms of difference. Facilitation of positive interactions based among reciprocal exchange, not mono-endorsements where capital competes across the market, but what interconnects along interactive networks maintaining a resistance to stress.

 Irrespective of status, roots of difference advance molecular dialogue through community dynamics free from the damage of colliding borders, its mass a fruitful range beyond the absolute grind of contradiction under the bane. 

This is what holds up to consciousness, a literature analysis as the presence of reciprocal growth, which facilitates a treatment-response through an equal exchange of cost-benefit relationships. This repay along convening times then re-dedicates its forward offer onto the common.

Identity combines when pushed beyond the unity of its self, where pain is raised to a concept the network is variable and isolated within neurotic corridors. Where negatives and positives postulate the multiplicity of divergent responses, they situ their dependence within the uncertainty of multifaceted factors in facilitating establishment. 

Extensive networks connect along a plexus of multiples in moving beyond idealism to say what cannot be said, out towards its own meaning. Positive correlations along a string of regulations, where investments range, rethread along finitudes astray. Mechanisms of regulation down regulates along the transport gene, up where independence prepares the filaments of a co-dependence traced through its original.

Facilitation of establishment (in terms of biomass) determines the preferential allocation of benefits more evenly distributed.  A true turning point of the function of variation is more directly soil, where inoculums of a system perform alongside the transport of signals to enhance the gaze that becomes aware by interpreting the energy budget of a co-use model.

Functions of presence enmeshing structure to stabilise from the fragmentary sketch, thought within models.  This Spontaneity without the irresistible absolute is better understood in a highly complex seam so as not to be dazzled by self persevering mechanisms tugging on desire.

One of the many keys to facilitation among the establishment of a common limit relates co-occurring nurtures of nutrient cycling. The spatial distributed cultures, present among dynamic coarsening, roots, establishing co-facilitated countering of the bane.

Mark Dickinson lives and works in the North Isles. Poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Shearsman, Cordite, Tears in the Fence & Yellowfield. His first collection, Tender Geometries, is published by Shearsman. His work's also appeared in the anthology, The Ground Aslant: Radical Landscape Poetry.