Blackbox manifold

Issue 14: Michael Aird

You Have to be a Notoriously Frantic Epistemologist, Second Only to Paranoiacs and Analysts as a Reader of Signs and Wonders

                        Do you love me for myself alone

                                                       or for my yellow hair?

            In a kind of Hegelian twist

                        Tristan is on the road with Iseult

                        shooting up potions of dopamine &

                        noradrenaline enhancer

And while it hasn’t yet been conclusively shown

that human attachment

relies on the same hormonal machinery

as that used by voles,

it does seem plausible that such a system

would be highly conserved

                        Jwala and I have come here today

                                    to facilitate a session

                        on the perpetual possession of the good


                        your astral guide to that on-going

                                    composite unity

The key issue here

            is whether she is experiencing an orgasm

                                                            or something else

                        More specifically,

                        in his hands I saw a great golden spear


                        when he pulled it out made me utter several moans,

                        sounding more than anecdotal

Can’t orgasms be God-given

                        and not return to their flaccid state

Buses give me erections when I sit on a seat

above a wheel


            Whenever I watch the City Council meeting

            on public access

            I usually get rock hard

This is the very ecstasy of love

whose violent property fordoes itself

and leads the will to desperate undertakings

                        Like as in he personally

                        bioassayed hundreds of psychoactive compounds

                        but not alone mind you

                        the godfather possible lifelong between

                        a literal “standing in oneself”

                        and a “standing beyond oneself in another”

In this coupling, the autopoietic conduct

                        of an organism A

becomes a source of deformation

                        for an organism B

and the compensatory behaviour

                        of organism B acts, in turn,

as a source of deformation of organism A


Which is as much to say in my sexiest French accent:

                        it takes deux to tango

                                                How ironic, then, that Michelangelo’s own

                                                “broken column”

                                                now sought serene anchor in the inner man

                                                of Vittoria Colonna

In the room the women come and go

but Sophia sits stunned

wondering what the author of War and Peace

would do if once again

he was wrapped up in a blanket and back

in Pirogovo

            He seems to me equal to gods that man

                                    whoever he is who doesn’t mind really



Screw that vanilla stuff, though—

            I, on the other hand, am a straight female

            who was a dominatrix for a while

            and out of all the jobs I’ve had

            I loved it the most

                                    So what you actually want

                                    is to possess your lover

                                    in his or her freedom

                                    like knocking at the door already dressed

                                    in the midnight prowler

But seriously Dan

is it, as Hegel would have put it,

the excess of the beloved, that which

eludes my grasp

that’s the cause of this shaking that grips me

greener than grass

            Before addressing the question of how Plato

            can be applied to counselling

            you might mention that while structurally plastic

                        the state is still one

                        of universal value

Dear Abelard

you cocktail of ancient neuropeptides

I guess

                        Thinking off of you now

                        my melancholy and most faithful sweetheart

                        love itself

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