Blackbox manifold

Issue 15: Cal Revely-Calder

Final affinity

We, housed in shelter, ride the crest. The wave

is full. A full complement, do you care.

Do you. Open this, now please play our affinity song.

Tell me fragrance : a trace of face & soul.

‘Linger like sugar lies, breathe like God.’ How,

under the cotton, rain. Tongues loose, unbinding & forward.

Spiral dragon snap in ocean glows. This

desire is all you, it is your call. It

filters through unliving & ready stone, its victim growth.

Take our fluted exchange, if you do. Nodes

of wisdom, long engagements in lilac.

Floral clutter. Garlic, masonry. Loving & leaving.

papillons noirs

en avertissant et revanche

désespéré comme lumière débris

pousse aveugle sang mon

entrechat mon papillon

unlit papers

turned and yet

despair as light shards

push blind blood my

entrechat my butterfly


press when finished : you

feel ugly traduced

in cardboard by pleb

printer hounds. measure

paces out & back.

here’s how ivory-

head descends : he tots

flatly. nodding an-

gles clunk air into

night. to ‘hallowed halls’ :

sharp neurons are off,

bulk & boil. take a

knee on pavement, weep,

call horses ‘mates’. up

your ballooning strop,

pulpits stuffed for the

minister’s stocks. here’s

your cherry, pulp &

mould. filth is yoghurt

to you ! ovals bob.

trilling port in your

hips you bubble mad-

ly, prognosis all

syntax and toast. sweat,

the bleachers, real fists –

& blaze with dia-

lactose fervour, rise,

declaim your sugar

masterwork : tilt my

drivel, ring my bell !

hands rapping out a

starsilk canopy,

a ruse of sound : you

fret & glow, balsa

heat, internal gurn,

the zimmer pussy-

cat cakewalked. explode

pulp in piles & oil

the spring, the blood of

trust and everything.

Cal Revely-Calder is a graduate student and writer, based at Trinity College, Cambridge. He was named the 2014 Guardian Student Critic of the Year, shortlisted for the 2015 Jane Martin Prize, and is the co-editor of the experimental poetry/prose magazine Charlatan Works.