Blackbox manifold

Issue 15: Peter Larkin

City Trappings: Housing Heath or Wood: 5

Rooted ahead of brick-

range and seedlessly

quick     a dismaze of

slacks on tinted surfaces,

urban glow alone with its

subduables     a heath

glistens unfoundational

at wider drainage skirts


laminated poverty out-

positions ground, amenity

flanks its heaths

by keeping them bare


what is soil for genetic

distance?    unwieldly

gorse, how nearly we

liken you to raiment


filters the toll of

immensity, a podsol

soil awarded its

heath housing


for component rurals to

surpass city is to be

uncompactly overtaken:

bird-stained transects

across a saved (neutral

natural) space, walks

the replication

a filament of commission

balanced between heath

and wood     bidden abysses

signal a tissue

in latent cup


iterate the bout until

intervention traps it, so

naturalise planning sprawl:

now heath and wood

can wrestle their

paper-thin recalcitrance




Hints at a lighter

furthering, the wood

takes longer for being

screened, on hand to

its passer-penetrants


within the trap coppice

is loose closet, nothing

detaining its host

gateways requiring

animate leaf, cages

against tree-felling

strap major revival


flattens the swivel

enshrining, two different

sparsities but common

preserve: tree-wreckage

can only be short-term

holes gather in woods

down an unisolated:

each agglomerates

in/out via stockades

of relapse, absolute

access apparel

uptoned forest in bad

resurrection wholly

arrived on summits

beyond survival:

leaves fail, never

sinking they will

express nature noise,

oak-thuds of belonging

sound a boom

of complicit bud

provision is in frame

to closable hangings:

these oak-elbows

are structural agreement,

restore trapped landscapes

onto a ceiling

threatens to impute tree-

limbs left to themselves:

the city still daren’t risk

amputation in withdrawing




Near /far table the city’s horizontal application, adjacency is filtered a short step to resistance, taps into the reluctance of repose / no more landscape than is cultivated fresh to immoderate stasis / kempt beyond bounds of the frame, turbulent sames offer similar thick stances to a counter-alien, a city’s interlinked amendments within the vitalities available / mapped onto unnakedness, unable to delve its furniture hinterland and divest it / clumps conjoined discrete, separable results postponing an already inhabited outer side / a certain kindness of endless, unfree quotience, city mobility self-axles, swerves (dismargined) once abroad / the fixation taught to unstifle, relief landscape overstipulates / the belief-entity has no other retrieval, at some point the trapping was always adventured / backwash within ladings of pristine crews of arrival / staying for a world traps it out prayerfully, no other country path is so bulk-advanceable / adhesion itself is scarcities occurred, as witness was not the release / resist in a stale vantage infinite location / is to be perceived where a heath stultifies horizon before any other nearest neighbour / this is woodland breathing it out, unripped, thanks an indwelling’s condensation / a circlet of currents merely the arena-tufts of heath, deferent squatness makes it to template, is anti-absorbent / the trap impinges, purchases what surpasses itself being, deducible through-pressings offer paysage / mendful at an infective spate, arrested location reprints tautness on horizon / not this trapping but something co-pliantly impressed upon it / onto-retentives waiting on fallow captives / are we trapped out of relation or is this the growing tip of primordial fixation, horizon’s mainstream? / is our self-suffocation the peak of a stratum composing thickly, givenness itself risking every compromised between? / to complete the here-somatics of belonging, whole nearnesses given zones, multiple actants immediately alongside / compaction proffers a nearside ontological stab, such embedding hoards its own pleats’ inclusive shedding / hyper-objects downsize our temporality, can’t be strained off fixations of non-betrayal, staying underlong in the gift that so out-traps us / firm slipways at blockage exposition / a green gap is a gate to walking the entrapment / saturation rule at any flood of experience / unrenowns of environmental range, encirclement lives its space eliding the capture / the many of us with a shared booth of origin / at the universal part (park) of the day’s irreplaceables / planetary greenframe deduced by urban sift, inheres in prime surrounder the bare city seed / primordial is punched onto ground, a city needs only the lightest obstruction to reroot / that nature is for fencing can only be antecedent if we arrive gripped alongside it / horizon now on captive point, through which the offer was opened / at last relational about foreshortening however cramped across the earth’s renderability / there is no further net of bestowing, the city is propped at wedges around which it can’t stop, has already conceded what it never started / trapped but abridged, a diacritical crust of curtailment, it chooses to cruise the remainder / nature is concise extract-human over all the world, the city conspires protection under its feet / initial urban running ahead into the domain, final urban of displaying, not laying, the trap / can the city position redemption to a para-release? / where would it leave its sanctions of reconstitution, the purely surroundable?

Peter Larkin is the author of a number of poetry collections, including Lessways Least Scarce Among (Shearsman, 2012) and Give Forest Its Next Portent (Shearsman, 2014). Veer Books will publish City Trappingsin 2016.