Issue 17: Jonty Tiplady

Extinction is Not the Same as Death


Extinction is not the same as death but a cessation of birthing

and the inscriptions that partook of that life form


it is a game, you know? this is not serious, but again it means everything

in this moment!

beautiful futures right now

nothing that we lived was worth it

(because of the cost)

but there again


today I saw no point

on the whole

I focus on the way light should

shoulder the blame

throw coins in the sink

drink too much water

throw myself in the


long tears fell

on the childrens' wisteria

a flood of choice

the supernatural high that follows

we're extinct


if the world is ending why is Zayn so hot

radicalised by FOBE (fear of being extinct)

2007 Deanna Havas Facebook photos

Kelli Maple Sorry About The Auto Correct

great green bright triangular flowers

ps 100% probability unpaginated

lilt koan

the state functions of magic

in a favourite script


can u plz do babies having a sleepover and building forts

Kelli Maple sorry about the auto correct

It's beautiful when people shut up: it seems large amounts

of money can achieve silent corridors and restaurants, etc

Microdermabrasion of the soul

I've got all these friends

you don't know about

they just go to another school

Frog Desert


I see 92 inches of you in a wetsuit holding a giant panda

like a door mouse expanding

Nothing ever happens except that I love my fucking life through you

Nothing ever happens except that I fucking love you

Heaven and earth are heartless

but nothing ever happens to me

except that I love you


I bet I've bought a 3-door parcel shelf

B5 is between A4 and A5

Hollllllywooooood blvdddddd early a$$ a.m. #putinwerk

heartbreaking and endless effort not to experience ourselves



nightingales and nightgowns not nightingowns

ceiling and floor not floorpit

Jonty Tiplady has written Haribo Ozyamdias, Seasons 1-6, available from the author at tipladyjonathan gmail. A pamphlet of prose is out with If A Leaf Falls Press in early 2017. He is working on two books on the aesthetics and politics of extinction for Open Humanities Press.


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