Issue 18: Colin Lee Marshall
(Tom Raworth Memorial)

Conditions for the Polysyntagmatic Utterance

※ should every grunt birth new phonetic alphabets fitted to render thwacks of congress between inanimate objects the language could grow fat with harmony that would open doors out of tradition and into the collective residua of our various earths via words made aperibund through sedulous reading to and of the interlocutor

※ found at a junction of rifts straying from the one true way a skein of multifurcated ethics sufficiently taut to twang out roads of lossy camber for future travelers out of care for the specific itinerary whose endless unfolding went on and on forever until eventually cut short by a plethora of scoliodiox reviations

※ curving to a universal goodness between someone’s bicuspids a pen revealed two separate instruments melting into digital totems of maxillomandibular force as a certain cachet held to write and think surreptitiously pinioned inkings to futures or pasts that bore the conditions for their truth in an ancient xenotactic lurch of heart and hand

※ whatever bad might be done on an earth possessed of primitive irides it is possible to inscribe atonement that can be read only by a future keening with the precise frequency of ululations necessary to attack wolves with eons of planetary blood curdled harmonically to endow the voice with the fullest of callicosmetic registers

※ by standards antiquely calculated the purchase of a pretty penny became the unique preserve of all with a merciless curette to scrape away bits of world leaving a catachthon ripe for index via deep pathological rainbows and a quicksilver sheen apt to shatter the perfected tachymorph of each new moment’s accelerated history

※ given everything legislators took to their rooms in a lunge for recameration time stood still isochronomorphically as ur-shops became auxiliary to their existence during smash and grabs the mere possibility of which was precluded by agents deemed fundamentally unable to grasp themselves as functions of true predication

※ barfed into a dream of flashy new diacritics phoneticians contort into untimely configurations of earth dredged up deep from the vaults of a future whose doppler of time freezes across history’s tidiest room its spew of prismatic ills resonant with a great globby chord the weak bent on the arrival of dæviant IPAs

※ in the last spectrolalia before the human voice constricted into mere variants one could imagine endless phyla of metaplasm obviated by a cleanly accented word something pronounced deep across the centuries on a tongue well-oiled and lavishly irised with a resonance beyond novelistic dialogue for want of syllabaries undreamt 

Colin Lee Marshall lives in Seoul. His pamphlet of badsthetic visual poems, Nidors, is available from Crater Press.