Issue 18: Ken Taylor
(Tom Raworth Memorial)

cloud in the shape of a cloth over a birdcage

unknown sleeping sometimes known as perching is stray from a plumed range of thinking in last cornering stalling gathering a dark blend w/ good airflow covering a cloche to prevent dust & exterior glow esteemed a banquet for others in mouthfuls of toasted notes

moving lips wake from a starling dream of three descents to rise transdermal delivery of forethought cursive script raising discursive strew lion ass hyena snake dragon fire ape seven the measure of spatial correlation at the risk curve of sky lacustrine spilling in elemental mash-up calling all seers across murmuration

a theme of brindle whipstitch scallops from faraway so tender in a ceremony of tipple flutes sparks passerine vessels exhausting count chased to collecting by threats at the edge more a gouge than a knife spinning the nearest neighbor theory tossed in scale-free correlation across meadows mimicking bones in a labyrinth hegira

skull clocked & seeing stars is spectrum swap in a ticking dance in preface to adagios caesura awaiting seizure before a pulsed apparition strikes blue splitting night into seed music likeness of light inside chambers praise song raised to celestial apprehension

Ken Taylor lives in North Carolina and is the co-founder and contributing editor of Lute & Drum: An Arts Quarterly ( He is the author of self-portrait as joseph cornell (Pressed Wafer, 2016) and the chapbooks: dog with elizabethan collar (selva oscura press, 2015) and first the trees, now this (Three Count Pour, 2013).