Issue 20: Jonty Tiplady

for Anne Dufourmantelle

Entombed at Club Glam

impossible to decide if the hypernovae are wonderful or not

and the more that was said what was true the more it was

impossible to let in the group, the true risk to life was the risk

unsaid in lived life, till at the sea, diving out past the dunes,

something distinct became palpable and (an) analysis was

born there. going in, but softening to the other option

the first souvenirs so real on the seashore felt as yours

a marker on the risk of the shore, last gasp terror index,

sunlight in the hair of the muscle, only recall one the missing

act takes no help from the object no risk not helped

what engulfs and what your life will become to foretell

opened the boxes only so far by saying what you say what

is on your stomach and after that what has left you where

the inspector and the victim are, the potential of mess in lack

of missing craft, the whole universe going missing and left,

and why did chose this souvenir, this shell on the cape

and the anger that sings beneath the toned minority of ease

other than visit and translate the same strong letters again

feel free and spirit the letter to the other side of the beach

impossible to decide under whom else one obliterates

how many of us make our anger happen on another scene

for others, especially through beautiful language dropped

heavily like a guilt/gift to convince some of other happiness

in language that fails to exist. the dictator of the concisest

phases in the face of the beach, let go through different signs

and then risk of tiny signs across the bay, placid rendition

to what is ugly to be so true, embedded at glam club            

The Eternal Inflationary Principle In Music

pain scolds what words might have done to the sand except fear

risk averse to the gurner and guard for the moment what happens

without guard, simply sinking to the sand where one larger word

is a pebble over the top of one lesser, word that makes sick,

so troubled by the pure phase of doubt to fear one is alive

look for the guilty one i know is not the other is the other always

missing act of reading, you are the missing quality of the moment

this was said, the fussed bones of being in the seas of sex

itself of an embrace, the pain that can never let go of what may

be best, all of these messages are so chopped when letting in

is the risk of all human life. remote orchards in the mist refuse.

what is difficult about the extraordinary say is the say of the

undertow, the way the water speeds down the sand forever,

about to be tortured by the sea and make them show the whole

city, acting out this awful thought not one before the other

Hell Civilization

Ends up with thinking it can locate in famished waters

or future eternal for local books as principled as clubs

grass saturated folds locked onto deceit and in theory

some parts of the universe have already ended forever

in a one-off way others will always go on infinite

etc sets accepted by the smutty unequivocal keen steel

to get to the white sands fractal stutter aliased at this

point not eternal at this point not eternal at all but later

on grounded in famished foods. Ends there not ending

while ended unequivocally for them for us and the others

benign for the matter to pale. Halfass godchain late

beauty-referencer observer cold spat out the super void

relinquish connectives the population of every type

of thing optimism smashed to ought and minima

regulated by sunflowers compacted to time and duration

as long as grace. Ballerina with the wit of Apollo at 17.