Issue 22: Aaron Kent

Splendid Giants

The satellite is, you climbing all heights,

a kingfisher remarkable, alkyonides,

                  disrupt the way i weight old

lined parchment in suicide doors (grief

transformation - herculean effervescent

                  o, bleed us) castration and

flowery, it is, to wait, it is in our nature to


birth giants and provide watered graves;

the movement enamours is movement

                  squared, weightless in envy,

envoy to empty colonies as eons settled

in dusk at the rise, great rise among the

                  crest of blue-black oil sweat labour

each bird a lake and reason. We, Semipalatinsk,

semi-panicking our patois useless among

stars who I speak treble clef in frequencies

                  designed for fishermen’s temporal

lobes; lines cast across event horizons, her

eyes upon the grace of eternity, eternal,

                  eternity the width of dream anthe

stretch swung, to become a bird is better

than to drown in ice. Shivered swollen burnt

nodules (we have self-immolated). Initial

                  free form takes shape labour stolen –

across dust is the same – labour through

commodities through common oddities as

                  capital stretch light years across hotels

stationed, communities  as global enterprise

and us following rules we swore to abandon

on home. The shrine maiden of the kingfisher

                  of your knight who is the fantasy

of the alkyonide festival on the coast of

hourglass; moon-heavy skies pluralised

                  elimination of champagne blesses

the atom’s Earthly wave kiss (the baby

narrows) typical and jealous – the following

watering in the evening is heavy blessed

                  the baby moon’s nuclear packs.

Winged giant, splendid, battling Athena,

token gestures the size of multiple universes

                  sacrificing offspring for just the

one rock to scale mountains for legislation.

Aaron Kent is a poet and publisher, and runs the small poetry press Broken Sleep Books. He is influenced by the works of J. H. Prynne and Haruki Murakami.

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