Issue 23: Note on contributors

Interior Night: Bryony Bates is a writer and performer who lives in Manchester. They were recently commissioned by New Creatives North to create a poetic audio soundscape called Coleoptera, which concerns climate change, extinction etymology and beetles which will be broadcast on BBC Sounds.

Their debut pamphlet, States, was published in 2017 by Enjoy Your Homes Press; their most recent pamphlet, Cash/Sex, co-authored by Joey Frances, was published in 2019 in collaboration with Generic Greeting Collective. Their work has also appeared in Murmur Anthology I from Monitor Books, and Dostoyevsky Wannabe’s Manchester anthology (2018) through the Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities imprint.

Soft Troika: Cloth - Matthew Hamblin and Lila Matsumoto make Cloth in Nottingham. ‘Soft Troika’ is taken from 'Waggon', released by Chocolate Monk in October 2019.

turning on light: Nat Raha is a poet, activist and scholar living in Edinburgh. Her poetry includes of sirens, body and faultlines (Boiler House Press, 2018), countersonnets (Contraband Books, 2013), and Octet (Veer Books, 2010). Her work has been translated into French, German, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish. Nat holds a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing from the University of Sussex, and co-edits Radical Transfeminism zine.

Back Hand: Nathan Walker is an artist and poet from West Cumbria. Interested in the relationships between performance and writing that often use the voice, Nathan makes live performance, sound, video, collage, zines and text. Nathan is based in York and teaches time-based practices in fine art and photography at York St John University.

sanding off: yol is an artist often working with found objects alongside extended vocal techniques and mangled language, physical performance, space as instrument.

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