Issue 24: Antony Rowland


i.      We sponsored September

          for Alan Greenspan (1926-)

Dice as indices rarely cite the vendor:

this table is commonly used to provide aid

in your asset class as reality blooms

like a pupil into understanding:

historical analysis is a forecast, but

you must assume the entire risk to predict.

We disclaim all warranties of originality,

accuracy, completeness, timeliness

and non-infringement of a particular purpose:

Wall Wall Wall Wall—to me that’s a holy place.

Do not accept errors or omissions:

we sponsored September, and it peaked;

after that, mounting material polished its sell off

while investors overwhelmed the overview—

listen oh gold pipes to this Archimedes

squinting at the mirror like an equity market,

buzzing in geopolitical issues and tissues

winding the fizzing blood of trained concerns.

Smack it through liquidity into light

and the chundering tongue—uncancelled debt.

Jerome Powell suggests a hit, a line

of pumice stone as his hawkish comments

grew a sleeve: party with this sponge;

sell off November to the technology sector

amidst concerns about hope, implemented

in an ever-widening China where major banks

continue creeping their foamy edge.

Polish your globes into waxy moons

and pressure the oil into plunging food:

quantitative waning lowers its rose.

Brexit works towards the UK’s resignation

as the market plunged October into May;

volatile as August, equities risked a douche

and peak that fell into excessive fiction.

Bring down the target to sentiment

and oil me with the most unguent perfumes

when Merkel erodes the polls to power base:

robust as a tight Germany, GDP!

Towel a dovish boost to prompted gains

as apace China steams its measures 

fuelling the effect of a worries stem

after the rupee discounted the Pacific

and the Nikkei index hit a bellwether

and sold October for Japanese steel,

but the yen was weaker against a balloon

so slow down tit-for-tat to a bleak backdrop:

China can fall as well as rise; a policymaker

who proposes the overseas to the past and

emerges into a settlement with the mini-bar

at the time of a custody of securities, at

the level of a target guaranteed to emerge.

ii.       Fred the shred is dead

          for Fred Goodwin (1958-)

An accompanying table of asset class

aids your understanding of the provided vendor

indices, cited as a magnitude performance:

sterling performance, Sterling. This

is a commonly used calendar year sports return;

though magnitude does not constitute advice,

and the source for your internal use

may not be reproduced or disseminated

in a form or basis. Do you

think monkeys give? Let’s all

slope cabinets to shuck others’ mess. Always

refrain from making historical data

since analysis should guarantee risk;

after all, the user informs on affiliates,

each person merchantability without purpose,

but please do not pursue my family: do you

have any punitive, incidental consequences?

Use permission to distribute without approval:

copy Russell footsying the FTSE,

dripping with a data vest. We

do not endorse the content, written consent, but

enjoy the momentum of a subdued Canada

and emerging concerns—tightened liquidity

or the Chinese fall on material omission. Do

not take the sword off this banker-knight. Write

a dollar-denominated trade feed, providing wind

and a head stand-off escalation, higher tariffs

on an ever-wider range of bachelors. Bray

the qualitative tightening: the Fed

guided hikes through the remainder, the valley

in which England rates the gradual. Terminate

the autumn and replace with the Bank of Japan

to water all your asset-purchase, and clip

the temptations (bond-buying programmes): prune

oil that floods to a three-year high. Bucket

the inflation remains; bonfire the unchanged rates.

How can a man live on three million a year?

In Europe, political uncertainty breaches limits

with sentiment after Davis lag lag lagged

and slowed to a robust June. Flowers

are unlikely to fall to the unemployment rate

but keep cats’ eyes on impressive forecasts:

chicken the storm while I eye some golf.

European markets did announce the Swedish,

didn’t they? But Italy was weaker, bonded

to pick indicators, quarter and flash

as unemployment tested the unity: unnerved,

investors picked a fight with Genoa;

the bridge collapsed to a unit test. I

had a plan to radically boost political development:

deadlock, no-deal, Brexit entrenched

and led technology like a bear driver,

liking its basis to first America, raised

to an insinuation and a fake aide, dimming

the dispute between Korea and a shift.

You turn my house into an omelette,

the historic bleating emanating from a shadow

that alleviated the partner year Ung.

Japan unsettled us with the Philippines.

Stem the aggregate of denomination!

Auntie Abe rebounded into scandal and

favoured decline over deepening warrants

although personally the BoJ targeted

the ‘tit-for-tat’ January peak market,

June-locked between the yuan:

pension me with your manufactured love.

Caixin deteriorates to a curb;

leverage on a clamp-down release

peaking into a blind quarter part comp.

Clamp down on excessive exposure: any views

are subject to change without notice;

we no longer accept new information.

If you have not matured, pend your instruction.

If you have less, use a telephone. If   

you’d like to withdraw proceeds, stop reading.

iii.       When I am on Wall Street

          for Philip Gramm (1942-)

          ‘Some people look at sub-prime lending and see evil. I look at sub-prime

          lending and see the American dream in action’ (Philip Gramm, 2001)

Please bail out our help-life: trade

with recipients acting on contents; the vendor

is class. Time plane: a non-infringement

on timeliness; rally on a pop umbrella.

Historical data provided as an ‘as is’ basis

with the underlying party contained

in your sponsors. Do not endorse

the content of this communication: global

earnings overlook low volatility, turbulent

as a robust globe, the status quo

of banks reversing a loose Fed. Taper

your balance sheet to fuelled headwinds

while I plonk a castle in your data,

rubber flutters like pennies inflating

my blue situation: so many punters

and bathers despoiling the bonds.

What a performance! A drive flashes

in a Riviera weave, commodity

splices that benchmark your courage:

your money sandpapers its own wad

in a quarterly Brexit. Sharp

as equity, Merkel dangles a retainer.

The beachball was a difficult issue:

our target risks tailed January

so neck a rubber cocktail now or

the record high of a job, decisions

where my sand-feet turtle the bands.

Steward into the leeward picture,

the core energy of a massive bailout:

make that a bubble, lathered in sterling.

A calendar of magnitude constitutes advice

and higher prompts in a sell-off rally:

I wrap your accounts into news

and lick the indices, spade turn, asset, but

Korea enjoyed a double-digit return,

slinking index bars as metal tariffs.

Tick inflation to a rout: every dollar

fluctuates its exposure, a fly slip

to your edgy predicaments, as I

sweat into an expat banister, barred

from managing your preparation, switched

between the rise of a hot belly, retired

into sand crust and the forecasts of daiquiri.

Antony Rowland has published three poetry collections: The Land of Green Ginger (Salt, 2008), I Am a Magenta Stick (Salt, 2012) - which was described by Peter Riley in The Fortnightly Review as ‘an original and thoughtful handling of a major European modernist mode’ - and M (Arc, 2017).

He was awarded the Manchester Poetry Prize in 2012, and his poems were included in the anthology Identity Parade: New British and Irish Poets (Bloodaxe, 2010). He received an Eric Gregory Award from the Society of Authors in 2000, and recorded for the national Poetry Archive in 2009, and the Lyrikline (Berlin) in 2014.

The Dutch government elected him as a UK poetry ‘ambassador’ for 2016: his poetry was read on national television, and shown on screens at Schipol airport and Amsterdam Central Station.

Copyright © 2020 by Antony Rowland, all rights reserved. This text may be used and shared in accordance with the fair-use provisions of Copyright law. Archiving, redistribution, or republication of this text on other terms, in any medium, requires the notification of the journal and consent of the author.