Issue 25: Lee Duggan

From In Those Shoes

almost woman

                         almost here

                                             encoded\ the structure of morning lacks logic

                                       beyond necessity

                                                         avoiding word

                                  to function



                                                                       too real world

          lost in wall patterns

                             swirling paper



                            out of




                                  courtesy address

                       lack of sunshine

                                  slumbering forgetfulness

                                                         to be alive

                                                                    live shapes

                                                    faint pencil lines suggestive of the original                          


                                          blotted out by heavy hands

                             to have spoken


                                                       stuck mid                         


               what is meant by


      wearing glasses to be


        skipped competence

                                           of woman

achieve nothing

                         beyond noise

where their titles sit labels brand my intellect

even the children humour my contribution

washing dishes I dream of Place & that small fire

it is not man that moves me


               I am all things

only inside

    reason slides

it is not radical to abandon cobwebs

it is not strength that spits and clears my throat of dust

clogging mind & intentions revolutions come

from gentle movements

              birth to

                 flow within





          in/ stasis







                                hand dealt-




                      lounge reading    

                inf 0


                                            depart the body

                   to be

                                all hearts


             sense where this

                                 might go

                                                            on the clock to



                                                                       a high handed



                                     & talking at

              to avoid



                                the buoyancy of being

                              under-skin of it


                           ache spinebent to intent


                             back to Tuesday’s

                        safe & weary

            nothing to lose

       this working out

                              the year


                     locate flotsam

                                     bars & notes

                   a swift half

                dis  -sea                                            



                               find myself

                                                   in sax

                            & out of it

     always hard consonants ending in a fuck

                                    -sect & dying




              harebell blue

         butterfly clusters

                                blown to

copper speck

             fairy ash

                          aber edged



                                                to be facing


                  urge to dip

                                   more than


                                               a kiss on the horizon

                       open armed

               & bristly


                              the moment

                      an audio experience


         non instruction



              float through me

  confuse this ringing in one ear

         a tug on the shoulder & numb thumbed


                          batter my fish

condensed glass

         the cider &

    frayed heart

 lay it on the table

                                the ace

                                   to end in me








                                  wrong direction

                     reappear sideways

                                               always on my back

                     cropped fields

                                                         like tracing

                                  not quite aerial

                                     nor grounded

                                              land lines

                        written between

                                                                 sky & sky

                    sky & sky

       whipped to feverish bluish

             blush of flesh

 & windswept

      tilted notes of clouds

               curbs tree lined

       thickly meadow sweet

            out of hand

      to please me


                & spin

3 types of chest pain

     that won’t kill you

coppices & deadwood left



an annual notification

               my heterozygote reference


     count down =through risk


            accordingly increasing

    with consumption

                  palpitating non catastrophe

         sleep it off with pesda pizza & vina sol

             dance new rhythms

     out of domestic








from the woman womb in tact

                    genius v genome

             some other tribal concurrence

                  globular & irregular


          disorientate street names

     not quite mapping

              & unable to


                     it even to



              hard to imagine

                  Baudelaire walking

     my girls unite out of quarantine

           someone else’s present

                     under the hammer

               viral stocktake & fill the wardrobes

               reconfigure order

       then return


        tensed September

               dislocate to March

        out of essentials

Lee Duggan (b. 1976) is based in the foothills of Snowdonia. With a focus on marginalisation she explores reclaimed landscapes through innovative approaches to language and facilitates writing for wellbeing workshops. Her debut collection, Reference Points (2017, Aquifer) was well-received in Poetry Wales, Elliptical Movements, and Litter, as was her sequence Green (2019, Oystercatcher). Her work has also appeared in The Edge of Necessary (2018, Aquifer / Boiled String) and more recently in Tears in the Fence, Noon, Poetry Wales and Junction Box. She has forthcoming collections with Knives, Forks and Spoons and Contraband.

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